Dairy Cattle Farm Operator Job in Tasmania

Dairy Cattle Farm Operator Job in Tasmania


Job title: Dairy Cattle Farm Operator

Company: Atlas Recruitment

Expected salary: $63000 – 80000 per year

Location: Latrobe, TAS – Poowong North, VIC

Dairy Cattle Farm Operator Job Details:

WB FG BA JA Loughridge is a farm located in Poowong North. The farm specialise in breeding, raising, and utilisation of dairy animals, primarily cows, for the production of milk and the various dairy products processed from it.

WB FG BA JA Loughridge is now looking for a Dairy Cattle Farm Operator to join their team.

The candidate will responsible for the following duties:

Monitor dairy cows for signs of potential disease to ensure that all livestock remain in optimum health and produce high-quality milk;

Milk dairy cattle while ensuring livestock remain calm and comfortable so cattle continue to produce maximum quantities of milk;

Weigh cows and check for any physical signs of disease or injury and provide preventative medical care as needed;

Review the pens, buildings and other areas to ensure the areas remain hygienic to reduce the risk of injury and disease to the cattle and farm workers;

Provide food and water to cattle and ensure that supplies remain well stocked so that the livestock never go hungry;

Administer medications, vaccinations and other medical care and coordinate with veterinarians as needed;

Use tools to move feed, animals and other equipment to the appropriate areas on the farm in an efficient manner;

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