Dairy Farm Assistant (Wanganui Jobs in New Zealand


Job title: Dairy Farm Assistant (Wanganui


Expected salary: $29.66 per hour

Location: Wanganui, Manawatu-Wanganui

Dairy Farm Assistant (Wanganui Job Details:

Job Description We have a job for a dairy farm assistant who will ideally have 1+ years’ dairy farm experience. This is for a 800 cow farm in the Wanganui area, 10 minutes from Whanganui town, milking through a 36 Aside Herringbone shed.

You’ll have a range of duties to keep you busy, interested and developing including:

– Milking twice a day

– shifting cows and feeding

– fencing, weed control

– calving, calf rearing,

– shed cleaning and setup,

– identifying and alerting managers to sick cows

– Setting fences

– and other general farm duties.

Weekly hours are a minimum of 40 and a maximum of 55. Since farm work is dependent on a number of unknown factors like weather and animals, should you work beyond the maximum hours in a fortnightly pay period, you will be paid the agreed overtime hourly rate for any hours beyond the maximum hours.

Wage is up to $29.66 per hour subject to experience.

Candidates will ideally have previous dairy farming experience and are required to provide good related references.

To be considered you must:

– provide a CV which is current, correct and complete or alternative evidence of work (this is proof of work and professionalism and the employer will not consider you without this)

– be a solid worker and with good character (where possible, we will do a criminal check)

– be physically fit

– be able to pass a pre-employment drug test

– have at least a restricted driver licence as you’ll need to go between farm, town and runoff.

Fair warning – if you’re not willing to get up early, work hard, work & communicate well with others, you won’t want this job (or last in it).

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