Fruit Picking and Farm Labourer jobs in Victoria

Fruit Picking and Farm Labourer can be done by hand, with a machine, or with combined. The main task of a fruit picker is to collect fruit.

Fruit Picking and Farm Labourer: this is a very physically demanding job, and can be very rewarding. It requires a lot of physical labour, and a lot of patience. It’s also a seasonal job, so there is often a lot of downtime in the winter months. Fruit picking can be done from a farm or orchard and the work varies depending on what the farm needs to be done.

Fruit Picking and Farm Labourer Jobs

We need up to 40 hardworking, fit, reliable, and experienced pickers and packers for the upcoming season. Work will begin around early March 2023. It must then be available and ready to launch.

All of this is guaranteed at least 5 days a week, 8-10 hours a day, for about 6 months. start early. Additional working hours may be required to ensure that all crop picking/sorting and general tasks are completed to the quality required by management. Must be willing to undertake any duties as directed and be able to travel to and live in and around the Drouin area.


Some of the required tasks are general farm hand jobs such as netting, changing materials, and general farm maintenance. Apple trees are thinned, hand-picked, and pruned according to size, color, and maturity. Sorting out rotten and overripe fruit as directed by management. Very physical labor. Fruit is placed in a canvas bag (approximately 10-15kg full) strapped to the shoulder and carefully poured into plastic fruit containers.

Work outdoors where it may be very cold and wet or very hot and dry. Labor-intensive (manual) work and long hours in any weather. Reliability, attention to detail, and high concentration are required. Due to the nature of the industry, we need people who have flexible work days and hours and are not allergic to pollen or similar. The ability to follow instructions is a must. You will work in teams. Depending on the assignment, the Modern Horticultural Awards 2020 piece rate system as well as fixed hourly rates are available.

The ability to follow business QA and OH&S guidelines is required. A driver’s license and own transportation would be advantageous because public transportation to the farm is restricted during the needed hours. Casual work is available through an agency. Previous (and present) physical outdoor activities or lifestyle choices will be taken into account.

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