Customer Service Representative- Uhs Kehk Service Station Jobs in Arizona

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Job title: Customer Service Representative- Uhs Kehk Service Station

Company: Wild Horse Pass Development Authority

Expected salary:

Location: Coolidge, AZ

Customer Service Representative- Uhs Kehk Service Station Job Details:

LOCATION: Wild Horse Pass Corporate Center


HOURS OF WORK: Full-Time or Part-Time, Hourly



REPORTS TO: Store Manager

Position Summary:

This position provides top quality, fast and friendly customer service; operates registers to scan, itemize and total customer purchases; accounts for all cash and inventories during shift; cleans service areas and stocks merchandise in accordance with the company policies, procedures, and standards.

  • Customer Satisfaction: Provides excellent customer service in a courteous, friendly and attentive manner to ensure the customer has a pleasant shopping experience.
  • Greets customers on entering the store and thanks customers as they leave.
  • Gives assistance and offers suggestions or recommendations to the customer.
  • Reports to work on time and follows the dress and appearance code.
  • Ability to deal with customers, unanticipated problems or events using standard procedures.
  • Store Condition: Maintains good overall store and property conditions by cleaning and performing a variety of general housekeeping duties such as:
  • Sweeping and mopping or cleaning floors and driveways.
  • Dusting and/or washing windows, counters, displays, food service areas and bathrooms.
  • Picking up and disposing of trash, litter or debris in store, parking lot and/or surrounding grounds.
  • Cleaning and checking equipment including coffee machine, refrigeration units, gas pumps, telephones.
  • Notifying the Store Manager of any equipment failure or maintenance/supply need.
  • Merchandising: Stocks, fronts, rotates and/or culls store coolers, shelves, counters and food service areas displays to ensure freshness, appeal and easy customer access.
  • Prepares food items according to menus and recipes; maintains proper weights, holding times and temperatures; practices safe food handling procedures.
  • Places advertising and pricing signage inside or outside the facility including marquees, ceilings, walls, windows, and pump toppers. Makes price changes on merchandise in accordance with Company price book or promotional planner.
  • May monitor gasoline competition and reports findings to Store Manager.
  • Sales Controls: Completes all sales in accordance with government regulations and Company standards by:
  • Verifying customer eligibility to purchase age-restricted products and refusing to sell these products when appropriate. Age-restricted products include alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, etc.
  • Entering all transactions at the time of purchase at the correct price by scanning or using the correct keys/codes, placing all payments collected in the register and making correct change.
  • Using appropriate equipment for specialty product sales such as money orders, credit cards, checks processing.
  • Financial Controls: Keeps accurate cash, sales and inventory control records and accounts for variances:
  • Follows vendor check-in procedures and accounts for merchandise received during vendor deliveries.
  • Notifies the Store Manager of any sales, cash, or operating discrepancy.
  • Follows Company guidelines for taking items for store use (such as cleaning supplies) or for product breakage or spoilage.
  • Internal/External Controls: Follows all government laws, health and safety codes, food brand inspection standards, and the Company policies, procedures and standards that apply to the conduct of business. Seeks guidance from Store Manager and/or appropriate management areas about legal questions or obligations.
  • Security Controls: Reports all incidents including but not limited to employee or customer injuries, gas drive-offs, theft, property damage, chemical release, or improper waste disposal to the Store Manager. Reports any situation in which unsafe, unlawful, or unethical conduct is or might be occurring.
  • Administrative Controls: Takes inventory (or readings) of stock to identify items to be reordered or replenished. Keeps an accurate record of all shift and timekeeping paperwork.


  • Prefer a candidate with a high school diploma or equivalent (GED).
  • 6 months of experience working in a customer service-oriented position.
  • Must possess a valid AZ driver’s license.
  • A satisfactory result obtained through a test for illegal drugs is a requirement of employment.
  • Must acknowledge and agree to maintain a drug-free workplace as a condition of employment.


  • Possess strong customer service and professional etiquette skills.
  • Reading, writing, basic math, and verbal communication skills required.
  • Ability to multitask, be a self-starter, and complete tasks in a timely manner.
  • Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships.
  • Possess strong interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Computer skills in the use of POS equipment.

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