10 Great Places To Look For Farm work for grey nomads in AUS

farm work for grey nomads

If you’re looking to have some fun and make some extra cash as a Grey Nomad in Australia, why not try your hand at some farm work? There are plenty of farms across the country that offer various types of work for Grey Nomads, from picking fruits and vegetables to taking care of livestock. Here are ten places where you can start your search.

Farm Work for Grey Nomads in West Australia:

West Australia is an excellent option for Grey Nomads looking for adventure in the great outdoors. Here, you can try your hand at working on pear and apple orchards, cherry and blueberry farms, vineyards and even almond groves. Many of these farms offer work from April through to early November, so grab your hat and sunscreen and head to the Outback!

Farms in Northern Territory:

The Northern Territory is full of opportunities for seasonal farm work, particularly in the Darwin area. Here, you will find mango and melon farms, as well as big jobs that require performing maintenance on water infrastructure such as dams and canals. There are also many cattle stations dotted all around the Northern Territory where you can earn money while enjoying the rugged beauty of the Australian outback.

South Australian farms:

While in South Australia, check out the Barossa Valley where you can find vines and wineries that need a helping hand during the harvesting season. With tens of thousands of hectares dedicated to forage and vegetable production, there are plenty of opportunties for those looking for part-time work in this region. The Eyre Peninsula region is known for its large expanses of agricultural land and here you will find huge farms growing crops such as wheat and barley.

Victorian farms:

Victoria is the second most populous state in Australia, and so it stands to reason that there are plenty of farms to explore here. While the wine capital of Australia – the Yarra Valley – is probably best known for its vineyards, other products produced in this region include dairy, beef and sheep. In fact, rearing cattle and harvesting grain are two of the most popular jobs advertised on farm labour websites across Victoria.

Tasmanian farms:


Tasmania’s farms offer opportunities to grey nomads looking for part-time or casual farm work. Dairy, beef, sheep and cropping enterprises can be found across the island, especially in the far North West corner of Tasmania. Working at a Tasmanian farm provides an opportunity to see unique wilderness scenes while working with animals. Depending on the time of year, activities may include lambing, calving, wood splitting, hay making, and crop planting.

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