Farm Labourer Job in Tasmania


Job title: Farm Labourer


Expected salary:

Location: Forth, TAS

Farm Labourer Job Details:

We require 100 farm labourers for harvesting vegetables on a farm in the Forth region, TAS.

Work will commence in October 2023 and be ongoing until August 2024.

Successful candidates will be offered employment on a casual basis and be paid hourly under the Horticultural Award 2020.

Workers will be required to work 6 days a week. This role could potentially be available for additional days depending on the requirements of the harvest.

General hours of work are 7:30am to 5:00pm.

How To Apply?

Workers must be hard working and physically fit as you will be required to perform tasks that evolve bending, cutting, and grading.

Candidates MUST have work rights in Australia.

Only successful applicants will be notified. All applications must be lodged online.

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A farm labourer job in Tasmania typically involves performing a variety of physical tasks related to farming operations. The main responsibilities may include:

  1. Crop and livestock care: Assisting with planting, irrigation, and harvesting of crops, as well as feeding and caring for livestock.
  2. Machinery operation: Operating and maintaining various farm equipment such as tractors, combines, and forklifts.
  3. General maintenance: Repairing fences, maintaining equipment, and mending farm structures to ensure the smooth functioning of the farm.
  4. Pest and weed control: Assisting in identifying and controlling pests and weeds to protect crops and livestock.
  5. Land preparation: Preparing the land for planting by tilling, ploughing, and fertilizing.
  6. Irrigation and watering: Monitoring and managing irrigation systems to ensure proper water supply to crops.
  7. Harvesting and packing: Assisting with the picking, sorting, and packing of harvested crops for sale or storage.
  8. Cleaning and organizing: Maintaining cleanliness and orderliness in farm buildings, tool sheds, and storage areas.
  9. Safety compliance: Following all safety protocols and guidelines to ensure a safe working environment for oneself and others.
  10. Farm chores: Assisting with various farm chores including feeding animals, maintaining cleanliness in animal pens, and collecting eggs.

Farm labourer jobs in Tasmania often require physical strength, stamina, and the ability to work outdoors in various weather conditions. The job may also involve early mornings, late evenings, and weekend work during busy farming seasons. Some employers may provide accommodation and meals for farm workers, while others may require workers to arrange their own accommodation.


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