Farm Labourer jobs in Canada with Visa Sponsorship

Farm Labourer jobs in Canada with Visa Sponsorship Full Time job, General Farm Labourer in Hanover, ON Canada

Job Position: Farm Labourer jobs in Canada with Visa Sponsorship

Location:  Hanover, Ontario, Canada N4N 0A1

Employment type:  Full-time

Salary: $19.46/hour

Details of Farm Labourer Jobs in Canada With Visa Sponsorship


Farm Labourer jobs in Canada that offer visa sponsorship provide foreign workers an outstanding opportunity to gain work experience in a new country, as well as numerous perks, such as paid transport and lodging arrangements.

Agricultural laborers cultivate, harvest, and domesticate crops while also gaining invaluable insight into farming practices. Furthermore, these professionals are responsible for repairing and maintaining equipment and structures as needed.


Canada offers many employment options in agriculture, such as farm labouring. These jobs provide competitive wages while offering valuable work experience in another country. Furthermore, many farms provide on-site housing options that reduce living expenses; additionally a salary from this job will include benefits such as medical insurance coverage and transportation costs.

Farm labourers are responsible for performing various duties on farms. This may involve harvesting, planting, weeding and watering crops – depending on your job – in addition to working with livestock and physically stamina required in tight environments as well as being comfortable working outdoors under all types of weather conditions.

Fruit picking requirements are similar to general farm labouring requirements; however, you must either be a citizen of your home country or have been granted work authorization by Canada. Furthermore, speaking English fluently will make communicating with most farmers easier – prior farm or plantation experience can also be invaluable! Working effectively within teams as well as understanding and following instructions are other essential requirements of fruit pickers.



Agriculture is a vital sector in Canada’s economy and offers numerous employment opportunities, particularly to foreign workers. Many farms employ foreign workers as part of their labor requirements while farm work also gives workers a chance to learn new skills that may open doors to career possibilities or even immigration to Canada.

Also, agricultural work provides the chance to network and learn more about Canadian culture. Therefore, it’s crucial that agricultural workers become acquainted with all available visa programs for agricultural workers; resume and cover letter that showcase your skills and experience are also crucial components. You can gain more information by reaching out to reputable online job portals or agricultural websites for additional opportunities.

With an academic degree in Horticulture or Agriculture, you could secure a farming job with visa sponsorship. Here, your job would include performing research experiments to improve crop production as well as working together with farmers to identify problems and provide advice.

As a livestock caretaker, another popular farming job is caring for farm animals on a daily basis – feeding, watering and grooming being essential duties. You will also be required to clean stables and barns regularly as well as detect and treat disease among your herd as necessary – finally harvesting honey for bees as an added responsibility!



Farm Labourer jobs in Canada require experience with the industry and an eagerness to work hard, along with having a valid work permit issued through the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP). Employers use TFWP to hire foreign workers for positions that cannot be filled by Canadian citizens or permanent residents.

Responsibilities will differ depending on the farm you work on, but can include planting, cultivating and harvesting crops; providing livestock care assistance and equipment operations support; as well as general farm maintenance tasks like fence repair or cleaning.

One of the greatest advantages of such jobs is that they offer an excellent way to gain valuable work experience in another country and widen one’s horizons. Some farms even provide travel expenses and accommodation expenses.

Working as a Farm labourer in Canada brings many advantages, such as living in an enchanting country with diverse culture and welcoming communities. Working is also a fantastic opportunity to expand language capabilities while developing new abilities.

How to Apply


Farm labourer jobs in Canada offer international workers an outstanding opportunity, with competitive wages and the chance to gain international work experience, which can boost resumes and open doors to employment elsewhere. Furthermore, some farms even provide accommodation and meals on-site which significantly decrease living costs.

There are various methods available to Canadians searching for agricultural jobs, from online searches and recruitment agencies that specialize in this industry, to consulting farming associations and organizations about available employment opportunities and taking training courses on agricultural practices that could help lead you directly to your dream farm job.

Farm labourers are responsible for performing general farm labor duties such as crop cultivation and livestock care, equipment operation/maintenance tasks and more. Their outdoor environments may prove physically demanding while travel may also be required in order to fulfill their responsibilities effectively.

To become a farm labourer in Canada, applicants must meet certain requirements. They should possess an in-depth knowledge of agriculture as well as physical labor in an outdoor environment. Furthermore, they must communicate well and possess an excellent work ethic.

Farm Labourer jobs maple leaf foods

  • Salary: $19.46/hour
  • $1,000 Hold Bonus Payable
  • Return after 3 months of continuous operation
  • Retire after 2 years of continuous service
  • All PPE provided to employees ($125 refundable after 3 months of service)
  • fast learning environment
  • Opportunities for further development and training
  • Full-time farm workers positions are responsible for collecting eggs, ensuring product quality and completing required paperwork, and assisting with any other general farm duties that may arise during scheduled shifts. Selected candidates will be trained. Join our team and experience working in the exciting and rewarding agricultural industry!

Responsibilities and Required Qualifications

  • Collect eggs
  • Washing/Sorting Eggs
  • General Cleaning/Hygiene
  • Complete the required documents
  • Other duties assigned
  • Be down-to-earth and be able to go to work on time every day
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced and repetitive task environment
  • Commitment to teamwork and safe work practices
  • Can vary and work flexibly until the job is done
  • Must be able to work in various temperature and humidity levels
  • Must be able to work independently with minimal supervision
  • HACCP, biosafety and animal care requirements must be followed (training provided)

COVID-19 Safety Measures

Maple Leaf Foods is dedicated to the health and safety of all of our workers. As part of our commitment, we have implemented a number of COVID-19 safety measures, including requiring all staff to be properly vaccinated and to provide proof of immunization. In accordance with this policy, successful candidates will be required to submit proof of vaccination prior to starting work. We shall, of course, consider making arrangements for anyone who is unable to get vaccinated in accordance with human rights and other related laws.

Farm Labourer jobs, How To Apply?


Fax: 519-364-4692

HR Hanover can be reached at [email protected].

Maple Leaf Foods is dedicated to achieving and sustaining employment equity and a diverse workforce. Job applicants with a handicap who require reasonable accommodation for any aspect of the application or hiring process should contact our Talent Attraction Team at [email protected]. Reasonable adjustments will be considered on an individual basis, and your request will be addressed asap.

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