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Join the ACT Government and be part of an innovative, professional public service serving the ACT community. Opportunities abound across many different sectors.

When applying to work in the ACT Government, applicants will need to submit both their resume and written response to explain why they would make an ideal fit for the role in question – both will be assessed by a selection panel.

ACT Government Jobs Descriptions


There is a wide variety of jobs available with the ACT Government, including administrative, managerial and technical positions. All are well-paid with benefits like 401(k) savings plans, flexible working hours and paid time off; part-time employment and internship opportunities may also be available. No matter which position is of interest, be sure to read all relevant documentation related to it including its application process as well as position descriptions.

Consider whether or not you would prefer working for the Commonwealth, State, or Local government. The Australian Capital Territory Government has its own industrial relations structure and oversees police, schools, hospitals, roads, and public housing as part of its mandate.

Applying to the ACT Government requires an unusual application process. Unlike most employment agencies, the ACT Government doesn’t ask applicants to respond directly to selection criteria; rather, applicants are expected to submit a one-page pitch demonstrating their capacity for the duties associated with their specific classification – giving them an edge against other candidates. In addition, they offer excellent work/life balance programs and superannuation. All these advantages make the ACT Government an excellent option for anyone seeking a public sector career path.

ACT Government Jobs Salary


The ACT Government boasts some of the highest salaries and benefits in Australia, such as access to cutting-edge technologies, training and development programs, membership benefits at work-related memberships and vehicles as well as minimum superannuation requirements – an ideal place for starting a career! It makes an ideal starting point.

Chief Minister Andrew Barr has promised ACT public servants salary and superannuation increases during enterprise bargaining negotiations, though he has yet to reveal exactly how much will increase. In addition, he promised workplace flexibility. Maddy Northam from Community and Public Sector Union’s regional secretary welcomed this news but noted the work wasn’t yet complete as many workers’ wages don’t keep pace with power bills, rent increases or mortgage fees plus weekly grocery costs.

The ACT government employs a diverse workforce comprised of women, men, Indigenous Australians and people with disabilities. They strive to promote an inclusive culture and ensure optimal results for its employees and citizens through policies and programs which aim to ensure equal opportunity without regard for race, colour, sex, religion, national or ethnic origin, language marital status sexual orientation gender identity or disability; nor discriminate based on age. Their employees should enjoy flexible yet supportive working conditions in their working environment.



The ACT Government is one of the primary employers in Canberra and offers numerous full-time and part-time positions within its Public Service. Not only can employees enjoy competitive wages with flexible working arrangements; additionally they enjoy numerous professional development opportunities offered through working for this organisation.

If you are interested in working for the ACT government, their website provides information about available positions with their search tool and email alerts that notify of when new openings arise. Furthermore, each listing includes qualifications and skills requirements.

ACT Government jobs may also have specific requirements specific to that role that are listed in their job advertisement or position description. These could include requirements such as references from former employers or supervisors or written responses that address key selection criteria.

The ACT government is dedicated to creating an inclusive workplace and encourages applications from people of all backgrounds – including people with disabilities, cultural diversity and LGBTIQ identities. However, due to risk management measures in their public service departments they do not hire people with criminal histories.

Application process

The ACT Government boasts an outstanding range of employment benefits for its public servants, such as generous superannuation contributions, flexible work conditions and relocation expenses for current public servants. These make working at the ACT Government an attractive prospect for people relocating or looking to start new careers – plus opportunities across all directorates and levels!

Before applying for an ACT Government job, take time to read over its position description carefully and comprehend its duties, capabilities, and selection criteria. If any queries arise during this process, contact the recruitment officer listed in the job ad who will be happy to provide answers and assist in creating your application form.

Many roles require applicants to submit both a resume and statement of application, which should contain details about your work experience and address key selection criteria. Be sure your statement of application is well written; keep an eye out for word limits for certain positions so as not to miss an opportunity!

Australian government jobs can be divided into three distinct levels; Commonwealth (or Federal), State/Territory and Local government. The ACT follows suit with other states by having both public services at both levels; however, due to not having a local government system of their own; positions within this jurisdiction are managed by the Commonwealth Government instead.


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