Fruit Picking Jobs in Australia

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The top fruit picking jobs in Australia in 2023 are:

  1. Fruit picking in orchards
  2. Fruit picking in plantations
  3. Fruit picking in orchards and plantations
  4. Fruit picking in grocery stores
  5. Fruit picking in fresh markets

Fruit Picking Locations in Australia in 2023?

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the top five fruit picking locations in Australia in 2023 are as follows:
1. Gippsland – apricots, peaches, nectarines, pears
2. Victoria – strawberries, cherries, apples
3. New South Wales – grapes, avocado, pomegranates
4. Queensland – oranges, kiwifruit
5. Western Australia – bananas, mangoes

If you’re thinking of picking fruit in Australia in 2023, it’s important to keep these locations in mind. And don’t forget, the seasons will also affect where you should be picking fruit. For example, apricots are usually picked in the autumn, peaches in the spring, nectarines in the summer, and pears in the winter.

Top Fruit Picking Tools Needed?

For fruit picking in Australia in 2023, you will need to have a good pair of gloves, a sturdy pair of boots, sunglasses, a hat, and a sunblock lotion. As for the tools you will need, you will need a big backpack to store all of your supplies, a fruit picker, a knife, and a fork.

Fruit Picking Jobs in Australia in 2023:


Jobs in the fruit picking industry have increased over the years. Australia has become a leading exporter of fruit, and the demand for workers is constantly growing. There are many different types of fruit picking jobs in Australia that you can do, such as picking wild berries and fruit from the ground picking fruit from trees, picking apples from orchards, and picking oranges from groves.

Fruit Picking Jobs in Victoria:

In Victoria, Australia, there are many fruit picking jobs for people who would like to work in the industry. For those who want to pick fruit, you can sign up for a day of work and get paid the same amount of money as someone who has been working there for a year. If you prefer to work as a packer or driver, there is a higher pay scale. There are also many other options available including picking berries and vegetables.

Fruit Picking Jobs in Queensland:

Australia is a country full of natural wonders, with many places to explore and enjoy. One of the many beautiful places in Australia is Queensland, with its warm climate and tropical flora. Queensland is a fantastic place for fruit picking jobs, and it’s not just for those who live in Australia! If you’re looking for a holiday or temporary work in Queensland, fruit picking is one of the best options available.


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  1. Im from Papua New Guinea and I realy like picking jobs in Ausstralia and already have passport and NID (National Identification card),

  2. Im from Papua New Guinea and I realy like picking fruit jobs in Ausstralia and already have passport and NID (National Identification card),

  3. I’m from Papua New Guinea and I’m been working with Sundrop Farm at Port Augusta south Australia and also at Victoria at Borato Farm and I have experience working in farm and really interested to come back to any farm in Australia if they need farm workers.

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