Research Associate Pebble Labs Inc. Los Alamos, NM

Research Associate Pebble Labs Inc. Los Alamos, NM

Pebble Labs opportunity:

Pebble Labs is a cutting-edge biotechnology firm focused on developing safe, long-term solutions to global food security challenges. Our objective is to create game-changing revolutionary solutions that address the world’s most pressing agriculture, aquaculture, and environmental issues. We’re expanding quickly, and we’re searching for motivated individuals to join our multicultural and varied scientific team.

This is an opportunity to work with project teams and research groups as part of a multidisciplinary team. Your role and the extent of the difficulties you learn to take on will grow as the projects grow.

Pebble Labs is based in the scientific center of Los Alamos, New Mexico, and benefits from the synergy of one of the country’s top laboratories. The nearby villages of Santa Fe and Taos, with their rich cultural, artistic, and music scenes, as well as outdoor activities such as skiing, hiking, and fishing in the southern edge of the Rocky Mountains, provide a unique living and family-friendly atmosphere.



_ Molecular biology, biotechnology, biochemistry, plant pathology, or a similar field requires a bachelor’s or master’s degree.

_ 3+ years of laboratory research in a biotech or university context

_ 1 – 2 years of commercialization and product development experience in the agriculture business

_ Extensive expertise in laboratory and greenhouse insect bioassays, molecular cloning, DNA, RNA, and protein quantitative/qualitative assays, as well as a strong grasp of biology.

_ Design, execute, analyze, and troubleshoot laboratory studies with an established track record


  • Experience with specialist equipment/procedures such as PCR, DNA/RNA extraction, media preparation, gel electrophoresis, tissue culture, protein extraction, Western blots, microscopy, and so on.
  • Other Expertise: Virology and insect-vector biology knowledge and experience are appreciated.
  • Strong written and vocal communication skills with project teams have a big impact.
  • Collaboration – capable of working in a high-activity, fast-paced workplace as part of a team.
  • Quality and Methods – In charge of knowing the experimental procedures of the job being done in order to ensure the accuracy and quality of the test findings.

Job Title: Research Associate/ Full Time

Molecular Plant Biology for Commercial Development

Company NAme : Pebble Labs

Job Location: Los Alamos, NM

Reparations: $55K – $65K plus health and welfare benefits

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