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Temporary Skill Shortage (subclass 482) visa offers skilled overseas workers an opportunity to live and work in Australia, and once sponsored can apply for permanent residency after serving a set number of days with their sponsoring company.

Acquisition of this kind of visa sponsorship job may not be simple, but it is possible. Here are a few helpful hints:

Occupations and Fields Eligible for the 482 Visa

The 482 Visa is designed to facilitate businesses sponsoring overseas workers temporarily for jobs that require skills unavailable locally, fill critical workforce gaps and fill critical skill gaps in their organization. Usually valid for two to four years and offers a pathway towards permanent residency.

This visa has quickly become one of the most sought-after options for foreign workers seeking work experience overseas. Its attractive benefits, such as accessing accredited sponsors and earning permanent residency after two or more years of work experience abroad, make it an attractive prospect.

To be eligible for sponsorship under this category of visa, it is necessary to work for an Australian-approved employer who nominates you for a position. There are hundreds of businesses which have been designated “Australia Accredited Sponsors for 482 Visa” by the Australian Department of Home Affairs; occupations nominated must appear either on the Short-Term Skilled Occupation List (STSOL) or Medium and Long Term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL).

For eligibility under the Labour Agreement stream, your occupation must also appear on the Regional Occupation List, or ROL. If you’re uncertain whether your occupation qualifies, we suggest scheduling an appointment with an immigration specialist to discuss your specific circumstances and find out.

Qualifications and Experience Required for the 482 Visa


To secure an 482 Visa sponsorship job, it’s necessary to meet certain qualifications and requirements. These may include having a valid passport and meeting the minimum age requirement of 18. Additionally, formal education requirements could include having completed Certificate III-IV level courses as well as Diploma level ones – although nonformal learning methods such as Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) could fulfill part of this need if necessary.

As part of your visa application, obtaining a valid work permit through your employer is essential. Furthermore, health insurance coverage during your time in Australia should also be maintained – there are plenty of affordable plans for individuals and families available.

The TSS 482 Visa program was established to assist Australian businesses that experience genuine skill shortages but cannot locate local workers. Applicants must be nominated by a standard business sponsor and possess at least two years’ professional work experience in their nominated occupation.

If your occupation isn’t listed on either MLTSSL or STSOL, you could apply for the TSS 482 visa under its labour agreement stream. In this instance, make sure your sponsor is part of this arrangement before applying through this route; additionally, meet a minimum annual salary threshold of $70,000 that corresponds with what an Australian worker would make while working in your same occupation in similar locations and working conditions.

Finding a Sponsor


Anyone who isn’t an Australian citizen or permanent resident must obtain a visa to enter, work and reside in Australia. There are various employment visa options that may suit different situations and employment goals. One such employment visa option for workers looking for work in Australia is known as Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS) visa which offers several options available for workers looking for work opportunities there.

The TSS 482 visa enables businesses to sponsor skilled foreign workers for occupations where there is a genuine skills shortage and they cannot recruit Australian workers, while providing an avenue towards permanent residency. The TSS 482 can be sponsored either by a Standard Business Sponsor (SBS) or Overseas Business Sponsor (OBS).

Before applying for the TSS 482 Visa, your employer must have offered and nominated you as part of their HR processes. Once approved, this visa allows you to start working in Australia.

When applying for TSS 482 visa sponsorship jobs, it is crucial that you conduct thorough research to make sure the company you apply with is an accredited sponsor. There are various online resources that offer lists of sponsors along with what positions they sponsor; you may even find opportunities advertised in major newspapers in areas relevant to you.

Applying for the 482 Visa

The Temporary Skills Shortage Visa (TSS) 482 is a visa designed for workers sponsored by their employers to work in Australia, similar to the former 457 visa and providing a pathway towards permanent residency if certain criteria are met. Issued for up to four years at a time and renewable onshore, it requires sponsoring businesses and nominees meet certain requirements, such as paying wages, maintaining health insurance coverage and providing proof of nominated occupation and genuine employment.

The 482 visa was designed to assist businesses facing shortages of skilled workers by permitting them to employ foreign nationals in roles unavailable to Australians. Furthermore, this visa provides a pathway towards permanent residency after two or more years working on it; applicants must already be in Australia or possess valid functional visa A, BVA, or BVC to be eligible.

Dependent upon which stream you apply through, different requirements apply when applying for this visa. For example, those applying through Short-Term Skilled Occupation List or Labour Agreement Visa Stream must possess at minimum an English language score of 4.5 across all test elements in order to meet TSS 482 sponsorship requirements including submission of sponsorship application with salary details as well as efforts made towards hiring local workers, and evidence of your ability to perform job offered.

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