General Farm Worker in USA


Job Position: General Farm Worker

Company: Lil E-Z Farm, Inc.

Location: Rayne, LA

Full Time: Yes

Number of Workers Requested:4

Job Duties:

General workers are responsible for various tasks such as driving tractors, field prep, water main, fertilizing, stock and harvest crops, manual shovel work, hoeing of weeds, spot spraying treatments, and general farm labor. They also repair and maintain equipment, field, farm, levees, shop, and roads. Crawfishing involves manually cutting fish bait, baiting, and checking crawfish traps.

Workers must have 3 months prior experience and receive $13.67 per hour as stipulated by the U.S. DOL. Free housing is provided to those living outside the intended employment area, and transportation and subsistence costs will be reimbursed upon completion of 50% of the work contract. Transportation to and from the work site will be provided by the employer for workers who live in housing provided by the employer.

Workers are guaranteed 3/4’s of the hours specified in the work contract, with tools, supplies, and necessary equipment provided at the employer’s cost. The worker must be able to lift/carry 50lbs and may be required to perform incidental work on the farm, such as repairing buildings, maintaining grounds, operating tractor/farm equipment, incidental crop set up, gardening, etc.

Work hours are 8 hours per day, Monday-Friday, and vary on weekends with an unpaid lunch break. Workers may be requested to work 12-14 hours per day or on the workers Sabbath or Federal holidays depending on conditions in the fields, weather, crop, and other factors beyond the employer’s control.

The employer offers 40 hours/week, weather permitting and crop conditions permitting, and workers may report to work at a designated time and place each day. Any request for leave of absence must be made in writing to the employer, and all absences count towards hours offered for the purpose of the three quarters guarantee.

Job Classification: 45-2093.00 – Farmworkers, Farm, Ranch, and Aquacultural Animals

General Farm Worker Job Requirements

The job requires 3 months of experience and involves general workers for a crawfish and rice farm. The tasks include tractor driving, field preparation, water maintenance, fertilizing, stock and harvesting crops, manual shovel work, hoeing of weeds, spot spraying treatments, and general farm labor. The job also involves repairing and maintaining equipment, loading and unloading trucks, and crawfishing. The worker must be able to lift/carry 50 lbs and work Monday-Fri, with some Saturday/Sun hours. Compensation may be above the stated hourly wage, based on individual performance and work history. The work schedule is 40 hours per week, starting and ending at 7:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M.

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