Backpackers Farm Mechanic Sponsorship Jobs in Australia

Backpackers Farm Mechanic Sponsorship Jobs in Australia

Are you a backpacker with a passion for farm mechanics? If so, Australia might just have the perfect job opportunity for you! With its vast agricultural industry, the country is always in need of skilled workers to keep its machinery running smoothly. To address this demand, many Australian farms offer sponsorship jobs specifically tailored to backpackers with farm mechanic experience.

Backpackers Farm Mechanic:

Backpackers are a common sight in Australia. as the country’s working holiday visa program Allows young people to travel and work there for up to two years. This setup is particularly appealing to travelers who want to immerse themselves in the local culture. Experience the countryside, and work in jobs that are often inaccessible in their home countries.

Farm mechanic sponsorship jobs in Australia Provide an excellent opportunity for backpackers to combine their skills and passion for mechanics with a unique travel experience. These jobs typically offer stable employment for backpackers on farms that rely heavily on machinery. Such as large-scale agriculture, dairy farms, and vineyards.

One significant advantage of these sponsorship jobs is that they often come with benefits beyond just a paycheck. Some farms may provide accommodation and meals, allowing backpackers to save money while fully immersing themselves in farm life. Additionally, by working closely with local farmers, backpackers gain invaluable hands-on experience and knowledge in farm mechanics. Which can be beneficial for their future careers.

The scope of work for farm mechanic sponsorship jobs varies depending on the farm’s requirements. Responsibilities may include maintaining and repairing farm machinery, conducting routine inspections, troubleshooting mechanical issues, and occasionally assisting with other farm tasks. This variety of work ensures that backpackers never have a dull day on the job. As they get to experience the challenges and rewards of working in a dynamic rural environment.

As a backpacker in Australia, engaging in a farm mechanic sponsorship job allows you to experience the country in a unique way. You’ll have the opportunity to explore the stunning landscapes, work alongside friendly locals, and develop new skills that are highly sought after in the agricultural industry.

How to Apply?

To apply for these jobs, backpackers should have relevant experience in farm mechanics and possess a valid working holiday visa. Some farms may also require additional certifications or licenses, depending on the nature of the machinery being operated. It’s crucial for backpackers to research and identify farms that offer these sponsorship jobs, as they are not available at every agricultural establishment.

Where can I find backpackers farm mechanic care jobs in Australia:


There are several places where you can find backpacker farm mechanic care jobs in Australia:

  1. Job search websites: Websites like Seek (, Indeed (, and Gumtree ( have listings for various farm mechanic care jobs in Australia. You can search specifically for backpacker positions or filter by location and job type.
  2. Farm job agencies: There are agencies that specialize in connecting backpackers with farm jobs in Australia. Some popular agencies include The Job Shop (, Harvest Trail (, and Working Holiday Jobs ( These agencies often have a dedicated section for farm mechanic care jobs.
  3. Australian Government websites: The Australian Government runs initiatives like the Harvest Trail and the Working Holiday visa program, which connect backpackers with farm jobs. You can visit the official websites, such as and, to learn about available opportunities and apply directly.
  4. Local newspapers and community notice boards: In rural areas, local newspapers and community notice boards often advertise farm jobs. You can check the classifieds section of newspapers or visit local community centers to see if any farm mechanic care jobs are available for backpackers.
  5. Networking: Reach out to other backpackers, farm workers, or local communities in farm regions of Australia. They may have information about available farm mechanic care jobs or can connect you with someone in need of your skills.

Remember to check visa requirements and ensure that you have the necessary permissions to work in Australia before applying for any job.

Mechanic jobs in Australia with sponsorship


Here at Techs On The Move, we field lots of enquiries from vehicle technicians around the world unsure of their opportunities for mechanic jobs in Australia with sponsorship. Whether it be through the experiences of friends or family, from movies or TV shows, or gleaned from other sources of popular culture like international sports, techs from around the world generally seem confident that life in Australia would be great. However, they’re often unsure of how they might get to Australia, and whether they’ll be able to stay here.

This short blog will outline the three most common types of visas that we deal with in bringing technicians here for mechanic jobs in Australia, and we’ll show how sponsorship is weaved through them. There are many more visas here in Australia – almost 100 of them actually! – but this group are those most relevant to technicians.

417 Working Holiday visa

This visa is limited to citizens of the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland, Canada, many European nations, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan and the Republic of Korea. It allows travellers between 18 and 31 years of age one year in Australia with the right to work for any one employer for no more than 6 months, but does not require any formal sponsorship.

The 417 is a favourite for technicians and employers alike as both can ‘try before they buy.’ Technicians can settle into a new city with an unfamiliar business and be sure they are comfortable before perhaps staying on, whilst employers can get a chance to see how a technician works before perhaps committing longer term. Technicians in Australia on a 417 also benefit from a lower tax rate, giving only 15% of their pre-tax earnings to the government.

Perhaps the key detail then is that technicians on a 417 can transfer to a longer-term visa, more often than not a sponsored visa like the 457 (scheduled to be replaced in March 2018 by the new TSS visa), should they have a willing sponsor. It is then a great way for technicians to experience Australia, build relationships and gradually increase commitment as they get more confident Down Under.

457 and TSS sponsored visa


This is a very common visa and a favourite of the automotive industry and employers generally. With the right qualifications, this visa allows vehicle technicians from all over the world to spend 4 years in Australia if they have the support of an approved sponsor. Mechanic jobs all over Australia are filled by 457 holders, who are eligible to apply for permanent residency utilising different pathways (Direct entry or Temporary Transitional) depending on their specific circumstances.

The 457 visa allows technicians with families to bring their immediate loved ones with them to Australia, and in time transition to permanent residency together. Technicians’ children can attend public school without any charge in some Australian states, and must purchase a basic form of private health care insurance. The sponsoring business is often responsible for the costs of the technician’s application for a 457 visa, but not for those of their families.

The 457 visa is being replaced in March 2018 with the incoming TSS (Temporary Skills Shortage), with no major changes in the conditions available for the applicant. It will, however, become more expensive for techs to add their families to a TSS visa, and it may cost sponsors significantly more to nominate applicants than it does now.

General Skilled Migration (GSM) Points Based Permanent visas

It is often possible for foreign technicians to achieve permanent residency before starting work in Australia. As a points-based visa, technicians with sufficient experience, language skills and within an ideal age range can earn enough points to apply for this visa. Though it comes at significant cost, this visa allows mechanics to take jobs all over Australia without the need for sponsorship, and therefore they can work wherever they want, for whomever they want. In effect, this is the desired outcome for technicians wishing to stay beyond the timeframe of a 457 or TSS visa, which the GSM Points Based Permanent visas shortcut.

GSM Visas also allows a greater amount of flexibility for arriving families, as no fees for public schooling will apply in any state or territory for those that hold this visa. It’s ideal for those wanting complete freedom, and only one step removed from Australia citizenship, which becomes optional at a later date.

The bottom line


No matter whether the right mechanic job in Australia for you requires sponsorship or not. If you’re under 45 years of age there is likely a visa option for you. Techs On The Move is here to help talk you through these details. Because we’re Australian Registered Migration Agents as well, we can handle all of your visa needs in-house.

Even without sponsorship. Our consultants work hard to secure jobs for technicians with great conditions and strong pays rates with industry leading employers. We look forward to hearing from you.

Source of references:

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    1. I can drive tractor and light vehicles. I am interested to work in farm. I have living working on land .

    1. I can drive tractor and light vehicles. I am interested to work in farm. I live by working on land .

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