Dairy Cattle Farmer Job in Tasmania


Job title: Dairy Cattle Farmer

Company: Visa Globe Pty Ltd

Expected salary:

Location: Bridport, TAS – Launceston, TAS

Dairy Cattle Farmer Job Details:

Blue Mountain Dairies Pty Ltd require a Dairy Catttle Farmer on a full time basis to oversee our Farm located in Tasmania.

Duties include:

  • Calf rearing and registering – feeding calves milk, weaning, tagging, training them to an electric fence
  • Breeding – spotting heifers and cows that are in heat, applying heat detection aids, deciding which semen to use on individual heifers and cows
  • Administering antibiotics and disease prevention – treating livestock with diseases such as mastitis and pneumonia. Applying vaccines to livestock)
  • Milking – setting up milking parlour, milking testing for antibiotics in the milk and letting the cows into the appropriate paddock
  • Calving – segregating cows and Heifers who are due to calve first, helping the cow to calf if she is having difficulty and making sure cow is healthy after calving.
  • Maintaining farm equipment and vehicles, including 4wheeler and dairy shed (Herringbone).

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