Farm Worker Fattening in Quebec Canada

Farm Worker Fattening in Quebec Canada In Quebec, Canada, there is a farm worker called the "Fattening". Farm Jobs in Canada

Job Position: Farm Worker Fattening

Location: Stoke, Quebec, Canada J0B 0A4

Employment type: Full Time   

Salary: Negotiable

In Quebec, Canada, there is a farm worker that has gone through an interesting process. This farm worker has been in the business for over 40 years and has taken his job very seriously. For the past decade, he has been under the surveillance of the government for weighing over 110 pounds. The man used to weigh around 150 pounds and was considered obese. The man was monitored by the government and given advice on how to lose weight until he reached his goal weight of 130 pounds.

The agricultural worker works under the responsibility of the farm manager.

  • Weigh fattening animals and take part in transfers for transport
  • Take the requested measures and record them in the research log
  • Participate in tasks related to daily operations: feeding, ordering feed, etc.
  • Collaborate in the washing and disinfection of facilities
  • Participate in basic site maintenance tasks
  • All other tasks related to work on a pig farm
  • Versatile, responsible, and resourceful
  • Able to perform work requiring physical effort
  • Ability to plan tasks well according to deadlines
  • Excellent collaboration and ability to work in a team

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