Harvest Jobs in Australia Picking and Packing

Harvest Jobs in Australia Picking and Packing offers the best jobs in Australia. Check out our job listings by searching our website.

Harvest Jobs in Australia Picking and Packing: This is a Job that offers Australian jobs to people who are interested in working and living in Australia. offers an opportunity for people to work and live in Australia with the possibility of gaining permanent residency. They are currently hiring individuals to pick and pack fruit and vegetables. They offer a variety of working hours and salaries.

Harvest Jobs in Australia Picking and Packing


Excellent hourly rate offered. Accommodation, Food is mainly supplied whilst harvesting.



MC Truck Operators – ROAD TRAIN AUSTRALIA (Big demand and can work on after Harvest)


Enquiries welcome please call us at 08 9797 0249

Email:  [email protected]

RANZA  Australia wide

“Western Australia’s most experienced Rural Employment Agency”

Summary of role requirements:

  • Flexible hours available
  • 2-3 years of relevant work experience required for this role
  • Working rights required for this role
  • Expected start date for role: 01 October 202

Harvest Jobs in Australia Role:

The Harvest Jobs in Australia program is a great opportunity for international students who want to work and travel in Australia. The program offers different types of jobs for students of all levels of experience. You will work on a farm, at a market, or in a factory. You will learn about Australian culture and be able to make friends with locals.

Harvesting crops is a job that is both physically and mentally demanding. It requires a lot of physical labor, but also requires you to be in tune with the land and its needs. Harvesting crops is a job that requires you to work with your hands. You need to be able to understand the needs of the crops and be able to communicate these needs to the farmer or farmer’s representative. You are also able to work on your own without supervision, which allows for an individualized experience.

In Australia, many people pick and pack fruit from farms. This is a very physically demanding job that requires a lot of strength and endurance. Picking fruit is a physically demanding job and most people find it difficult to stay on their feet for long periods of time. In order to pick fruit, you will have to bend over and squat down to pick up the fruit. This means that you will be bending your back and taking the weight off your knees. If you are not used to picking up fruit, you may find yourself hurting your back or knees. It is important to work with someone who has experience picking fruit before you start your first day.


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  1. Good morning, this is saidur Rahman, I am bangladeshi by born, now I live in Portugal, I have a temporary residence, I am looking for job, I am very honest and sincere about the job. Thanks

  2. Hello my name is Zina and I’m from Papua New Guinea. Age 20 I got a scholarship to TORRRENS University in Australia LYONS College but due to financial problems I withdrew and I’m at home but I really want l to come to Australia and work in farms and collect money for my collge fees .I’m very interested in fruit picking and packing job .
    Australia is the best vegetables producer apart from other countries . I always dreamed of working in a farm in Australia and this is golden opportunity that i don’t want to miss , it’s a metter of trying just to show my interest.
    In Papua New Guinea 97% live in rural areas and we are subsistence farmers we know how to work with our hands things like , clearing big bush to plant crops , weeding and every steps that is required in gardening or farming . I can assure you that if I was selected in any job in farming wether is , planting, weeding or harvesting I will meet your expectations.


  3. Hi I am Mohammad Mosharof Hossain Shardar, I am a Bangladeshi and live in Bangladesh, I want a job and I want to do the job very well.

  4. Hi I am Mohammad Mosharof Hossain Shardar, I am a Bangladeshi and live in Bangladesh, I want a job and I want to do the job very well.can you help me

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