HVAC Residential Service Tech Trainee/Apprentice Jobs in Louisiana


Job title: HVAC Residential Service Tech Trainee/Apprentice

Company: Smith Air Conditioning Inc.

Expected salary:

Location: Ville Platte, LA

HVAC Residential Service Tech Trainee/Apprentice Job Details:

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Can we talk? Are you one of the rare few out there that does an excellent job making customers happy by assisting them with purchase decisions however cannot get ahead in the retail environment you are in? Can you sell? How would like to hear about a terrific opportunity that can change your life? We are looking for the right person for an intense entry level program that will transform their future. If you have some basic mechanical and electrical skills, have a desire to learn, and would enjoy being a welcomed guest into the customer home to solve their problems we have a special opportunity for you. We have an HVAC Technician Trainee/Apprentice entry level position for the one with the right skills.

We are an equal opportunity employer and want to emphasize Ladies are invited along with the guys! In a period of six months you will be able to gain the experience and confidence to perform your role, as you continue to climb the ladder of knowledge and skill to become a service tech. You will earn as you learn with the ability to grow your income as you progress. Please only apply if you are serious and willing to make the effort. You are the limiting factor as how quickly you can advance and increase your earning power. Come join Smith Air Conditioning team of Eagles and soar with us in the rarified air of success.

Check us out, visit our website, Career’s Page, and reach out to us.

*We are an Equal Opportunity Employer; all inquiries are kept confidential.

To apply for: HVAC Technician Trainee/Apprentice@ Smith Air Conditioning

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Position Purpose (Summary)

The function of this position is to:

This is a 120-day training position, after which the employee may be offered the opportunity to apply for a HVAC Service or Maintenance technician position. There is no promise that a position shall be available or that the trainee will be offer employment after the 120-day training period. At the company’s discretion, it may alter the training period as it sees fit.

  • Be willing participate following, helping, and assisting his assigned mentor learning and preparing for becoming a tech.
  • Perform other tasks as requested, including running parts, maintenance, janitorial, and clerical.
  • Eventually provide routine maintenance, cleaning, and inspection of warm air furnaces, air conditioners, duct distribution systems, water heaters, and related piping and electrical.
  • Assist consumers by providing information on options for improved operations of the HVAC equipment.
  • Can identify and report all issues that arise that would keep the equipment from functioning properly.
  • Communicate to the consumer on the proper operation and owner’s maintenance of the installed equipment. Answer related questions as to operation, features, and functions to the homeowner.
  • Perform required documentation for each call, recording recommendations, repairs, accurate readings and observations. Have client sign necessary paper work and collect payments as directed.

HVAC Technician Trainee/Apprentice Responsibilities/Duties/Functions/Tasks

  • Customer service orientation.
  • Must have a good working knowledge of our products and services being offered. This will require additional study and training both on and off site.
  • Continuously improve knowledge of construction in general, and how Smith Air Conditioning operates to benefit the customer.
  • Establish goals and objectives as they relate to the position, along with a plan of action to attain or exceed set goals.
  • Regularly review and monitor progress against goals, and seek assistance as needed.
  • Communicate effectively with associates, superiors, vendors and customers.
  • Ask and obtain customer referral’s and web recommendations
  • Possess superior interpersonal skills.
  • Must be able to work under time and budgetary constraints and pressures.
  • Efficiently manage his/her time and schedules.
  • Be computer literate to the extent necessary to fulfill this function. Knowledge of Excel and Word is required. Should also be very familiar with the use of smart phones, text messaging, and email.
  • Must be capable of understanding client needs, and favorably influence their decision.
  • Constantly be learning through training from suppliers, trade shows, seminars, independent study, and other employees.
  • Clean, neat, professional appearance.
  • Work and drive safely and be able to recognize and avoid dangerous situations.
  • Other duties as assigned

To apply for: HVAC Technician Trainee/Apprentice@ Smith Air Conditioning

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