Research Specialist College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Research Specialist College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Research Specialist North Carolina State University Bahama, NC

Release number: PG191186SP

Internal recruitment: No

job title: Research Specialist

Expected hiring scope: Appropriate to experience ($41,000-$45,647)

Work schedule: Monday-Friday / 7:00 am-3:30 pm (weekends and holidays as needed)

Location: Bahamas, North Carolina

Department: College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Research Specialist:
The Butner Beef Cattle Field Lab (BBCFL) is a 1,250-acre research unit located about 50 miles north of the campus and has 9.5 full-time employees. BBCFL is a research platform for beef cattle research, including nutrition, physiology, genetics, pest control, pasture management, crop production, and related fields. BBCFL serves as a training and demonstration area for graduate students and the public.

Essential Job Duties:


Research experts will oversee and manage the nutrition/physiology department of Butner Beef Cattle Field Lab. The unit can accommodate 350 cattle, and 2-6 projects are in progress throughout the year.

The responsibilities of research experts include but are not limited to:

  • Through cattle observation, equipment operation, feed ration development, and other monitoring research projects.
  • Manage the daily operations of beef cattle research facilities.
  • Design and assist research projects to ensure the efficiency of the facility.
  • Oversee the use of Calan Gates for intensive research trials.
  • Supervise the nutritional physiology waste system to ensure compliance with the waste management plan.
  • Manage the collection of feed data from professional breeding equipment for review by the project leader.
  • Supervise data collection in various fields related to cattle/crop research.
  • Train others in cattle handling, feeding procedures, data collection, and various techniques related to cattle production and cattle research.
  • Acting as the liaison between the project leader and the webmaster to ensure that cattle resources are available.
  • Coordinating cattle resources across the state among the seven NCSU and NCDA research stations.

Other Responsibilities:

  • Assist crop production, especially hay and corn.
  • General maintenance and maintenance of the overall facility.
  • Assist the bull test facility when needed.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.

Required Qualifications:

  • A bachelor’s degree in a discipline related to the distribution field; or an equivalent combination of training and experience.
  • All degrees must be obtained from an appropriately accredited institution.
  • Have agricultural work experience and animal care experience.
  • Able to perform artificial insemination and assist in dystocia.
  • Proficient in cattle software programs.
  • Proficiency in performing routine herd health procedures.
  • Ability to effectively communicate verbally and in writing.
  • Bachelor degree in animal husbandry, 2 years of work experience.
  • 1-3 years of agricultural work experience and animal care experience.
  • 5 years of experience in beef cattle production and/or research.
  • An equivalent combination of education and experience will be considered.
  • Have general agricultural equipment operation experience.
  • Have experience in beef cattle research.

Research Specialist Required License:


A valid driver’s license is required to travel. An NC driver’s license is required within 60 days of employment and must be maintained.
Pesticide application permit within 6 months after the employment date
Artificial insemination (AI) certification of beef cattle within 6 months from the date of employment
Animal waste applicator license within 12 months from the hire date

A valid NC driver’s license is required: Yes it is

Do I need a commercial driver’s license?: NO


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