Southern High Plains Initiative Conservation Specialist Boulder Colorado

Southern High Plains Initiative Conservation Specialist Boulder Colorado

The Nature Conservancy Southern High Plains Initiative Conservation Specialist Boulder Colorado :

The position (Southern High Plains Initiative Conservation Specialist) is best located in Boulder, Colorado, but other places in the Southern High Plains (Colorado, Kansas, New Mexico, Ohio, Texas) will be considered as special candidates.


Conservation experts work with TNC teams in 5 states to develop, manage, and promote land conservation and other conservation projects for the TNC Southern High Plains initiative to protect important natural areas, habitats of rare and endangered plants, animals, and natural communities, and Agricultural production Colorado, Kansas, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas ranches are used in conjunction with private landowners, federal, state, local and tribal governments, conservation organizations, and other partners. Protection tool


Conservation experts are responsible for advancing TNC’s Southern High Plains Initiative’s strategic land conservation goals by developing a partnership model and launching and implementing priority protection sites in the Southern High Plains Initiative geographic area (including parts of southeastern Colorado) in five states. Complete land conservation projects and transactions in western Kansas, northeastern New Mexico, western Oklahoma, and the Texas Panhandle. Conservation experts work closely with the Southern High Plains Initiative project management team to establish relationships and negotiate with landowners, government agencies, public and private funders, land trust partners, and community groups on behalf of TNC to implement and realize land protection and conservation priorities Matters. They help ensure that public and private funds are used for land protection.


They creatively construct personal protection transactions and/or transaction models. They acquire and maintain local and regional market knowledge of real estate trends and transactions, as well as land ownership information in priority areas. Protection experts use a full range of protection tools to obtain different levels of legal rights and interests in land (or support our partners in their efforts to achieve the same benefits), including grants, easements, purchases, leases, protection financing, and cooperative projects, usually in private Working land environment. They may work with the protection financial community and influence investors to ensure that private investment or funds are used for land protection and other protection work. In cooperation with the Southern High Plains Initiative team in 5 states, they will develop and cultivate partnerships and new partnership models to improve the geographic protection capabilities of the Southern High Plains.


  • The geographic scope includes parts of southeastern Colorado, western Kansas, northeastern New Mexico, western Oklahoma, and parts of the Texas Panhandle.
  • Develop, lead and support enduring land conservation projects to advance the strategic land conservation goals of the Southern High Plains Initiative.
  • Coordinate and participate with partners and other stakeholders to advance protection priorities.
  • Manage a portfolio of land conservation projects and communicate the results to a variety of audiences, including partners, donors and supporters.
  • Obtain the cooperation of external parties to achieve the plan goals.
  • Negotiate real estate transactions, which can be legally and financially binding TNC
  • Financial responsibilities may include working within the budget/managing the budget of the completed project, negotiating and signing contracts with suppliers, leading the budgeting of new protection projects/transactions, and achieving fundraising goals.
  • Ensure that the plan complies with internal policies and external requirements.
  • Make independent decisions based on analysis, experience, and background with minimal supervision.
  • Ability and willingness to travel frequently in a short period of time, sometimes on weekends
  • May work in changing weather conditions, remote areas, difficult and dangerous terrain, and physically demanding environments.


  • Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Science, law or business degree, and 5 years of experience in natural resource management or related fields or a combination of equivalent qualifications and experience.
  • Experience in negotiating complex agreements.
  • Experience in developing partnerships (partners, communities, governments)
  • Successful experience in developing, directing and managing multiple projects and schedules
  • Experience in using applications such as Microsoft Word, Excel, and Web browsers.


  • Multilingual skills and multicultural or cross-cultural experience are appreciated
  • Familiar with productive agriculture, ranch business model and/or ranch real estate.
  • Spontaneous individuals with experience in developing and managing important land protection projects, partner networks, practices, and outreach communities and/or partner capacity building
  • Familiar with the natural history and conservation issues of the Southern High Plains/Great Plains.
  • Experience in negotiating complex real estate transactions.
  • Experience in developing project financial models and budgets, constructing impact investments and/or implementing other protective financing tools.
  • Able to explain protection to technical and non-technical audiences
  • Understand current trends and practices in conservation finance, conservation, land management, and natural resource protection.
  • Complete tasks independently relative to the timeline.
  • Excellent communication skills through written, verbal and graphical methods in English and other related languages.
  • With political acumen and strong teamwork skills, you can establish relationships and collaborations throughout the organization and with partners.
  • Ability to work effectively under pressure and complete work on time

Automobile safety policy

This position requires a valid driver’s license and compliance with the Association’s car safety plan. If deemed to be a “high-risk driver,” employees may not drive Conservancy-owned/leased vehicles, leased cars, or personal vehicles on behalf of Conservancy. Please see more details in the car safety plan document available at

Hiring for this position will depend on the completion of the vehicle use agreement, which may include a review of potential employees’ motor vehicle records.

The Nature Conservancy Southern High Plains Initiative Conservation Specialist SALARY:

The estimated starting salary for this position depends on experience, qualifications, and location.


_ Boulder/Front Range, CO (USD) salary range: $67,100-$72,100 per year
_ Salary range in other parts of the United States (USD): USD 58,000-USD 72,100 per year (depending on location).


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