Top Sustainable Agriculture Jobs in Australia

Top Sustainable Agriculture Jobs in Australia

Australia is home to a wide range of sustainable agriculture jobs, ranging from entry-level positions to highly specialized roles. Whether you’re looking for an outdoor job or a more administrative role, there are plenty of opportunities available in the sustainable agriculture sector. We’ll provide an overview of the best positions available and look at how to land one quickly!

Organic Farm Manager:

Organic farm managers are responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operation of an organic farm. Duties include ensuring that organic farming practices are maintained and that the farm meets regulatory standards for food safety and sustainability. Organic Farm Managers must have a deep understanding of organic farming methods, soil management, and animal husbandry. They should be comfortable working in all weather conditions, dealing with suppliers and local markets, and keeping accurate financial records.

Regenerative Agriculture Consultant:

Regenerative Agriculture Consultants play a major role in promoting sustainable agricultural practices. They provide advice on best practices to increase soil health, improve water retention and quality, manage weeds, pests, and diseases, reduce the use of agrochemicals, and conserve natural resources. Regen Ag consultants must have knowledge of farming systems design, holistic management principles, biodynamic principles, and other regenerative agriculture approaches. They have excellent organizational skills to be able to coordinate farmers in order for them to consistently comply with sustainable agricultural regulations.

Sustainable Agriculturist:


A Sustainable Agriculturist is responsible for driving sustainability initiatives in their sector and communities. They must have a good understanding of sustainable agriculture systems and the environment, including soil health and other natural resources. They work proactively to ensure the long-term viability of food production while creating a positive impact on the surrounding environment. The agriculturist will also help to implement regenerative approaches to ensure stable yields while reducing agrochemical inputs, protecting wildlife, and preserving wildlife habitats.

Farm Production Advisor:

As a Farm Production Advisor, you’ll be providing advice to farmers and agribusiness professionals on production and business practices to help improve environmental and economic performance. You must have a good knowledge of sustainable agriculture systems in order to provide the necessary expertise for your clients. Additionally, you’ll need to have excellent communication and conflict resolution skills in order to respond to the needs of your client’s operation in a timely manner.

Plant Protection Technician:

As a Plant Protection Technician, you will be responsible for determining the cause of crop losses and identifying pests and diseases which may damage crops. Your role also involves analyzing soil types, nutrient levels, and other factors that affect crop growth. You’ll be working with farmers to provide advice on sustainable production strategies such as bio-control methods and strategies that limit the use of chemicals to protect plants from pests. In order to effectively perform this job, you must have an understanding of local pest populations, knowledge of current control technologies, and an ability to develop control programs.


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