Agriculture & Horticulture Workers Job in South Australia


Job title: Agriculture & Horticulture Workers

Company: Red Earth Farms

Location: Waikerie, SA

Agriculture & Horticulture Workers Job Details:

Undertakes propagation, cultivation, harvest and processing of crops in a productions horticulture environment. The work will be undertaken in both an indoor facility, outdoor farm setting and vineyard.

The successful candidate will need to be experienced in the following duties.

  • Prepare growing media and suitable trays, pots and containers.
  • Undertake the seeding of both scions & rootstock melons allowing the correct timing between both seeding scions & rootstock adjusting this timing to the relevant seasonal temperature.
  • Prepare and apply pesticide and weedicide to crops.
  • Undertake irrigation, fertigation, and fumigation activities.
  • Maintain soil, hydroponic, plant, treatment, and yield records.
  • Undertake transport and logistics tasks for delivery of sales stock.
  • Operate horticulture machinery and equipment to clear and cultivate land, sow and harvest crops, process, and pack crops.
  • Ensure relevant equipment and machinery is maintained.
  • Manage the team of workers with daily tasks.

The successful candidate will need to have the following skills.

  • Minimum of 2 years experience horticulture
  • Experience in melon, pumpkins, and garlic essential
  • Must have a forklift licence.
  • Experience managing and directing a team.
  • Fluent in English and Indonesian essential

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