Bayer AG Sustainable Agriculture Field Manager


Your tasks and responsibilities

Sustainable Agriculture Site Manager is the main responsibilities of this position:

Bayer AG Sustainable Agriculture Field Manager:

• Equipped with and manage a team of top agronomists with knowledge in the field of regeneration and conservation practices;
• Provide support to growers at the intersection of the field and the practices required by the carbon registry;
•Involve farmers in the Bayer Carbon Plan and promote the plan among the local agricultural community and stakeholders;
• Support business development work, especially in buyer education;
• Establish and improve the carbon sequestration model according to Bayer’s certified partners;
• Build Bayer’s conservation agronomy expertise and knowledge base;
• Participate in external forums on behalf of Bayer to discuss conservation agriculture and its benefits/opportunities for growers around the world;

• Create and monitor systems to provide agronomic insights and advice to each grower participating in the Bayer Carbon program through multiple media (eg, written and video education/suggestion, grower education on-site forums, for individual growers who need support Provide tailor-made support);
• Work with the product owner to determine tailor-made products that will bring rich returns to growers and the environment;
•Cooperate with product owners to interact with verification and certification agencies on the technical details of carbon generation and issuance;
• Support business development and explain products to current and potential customers, including technical details of comprehensive agricultural carbon sequestration for executives


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