Lettuce Picker Job in Queensland Australia

silver fern farms jobs, underwriter state farm, I was offered a Lettuce Picker Job in Queensland Australia. I was hesitant at first because it was a seasonal job, but the money was too good to pass up.

Job Position: Lettuce Picker Job

Location: Queensland

Employment type: Casual/Temporary

Salary: Competitive

Lettuce Picker Jobs in QLD:

As part of our team in Queensland, Australia we require a hardworking individual who will ensure the correct and efficient picking of lettuce fields.

General Responsibilities:

  • Gathering healthy lettuce harvest.
  • Care must be taken when harvesting lettuce to avoid damage and preserve its integrity.
  • Sorting lettuce according to size and quality.
  • Transport of picked lettuce to the collection area.
  • Assist with field maintenance tasks such as planting and irrigation.
  • Adherence to all farm safety protocols

General Requirements:

  • Physically fit and capable of working under changing weather conditions are prerequisites to membership in our team.
  • Ability to endure long hours of physical labor
  • Basic knowledge of farming operations and crop cultivation
  • Attention to Detail is required for identifying ripe crops.
  • Willingness to follow instructions and work as part of a team.
  • No formal education is necessary, though prior experience in similar roles is advantageous.

If you’re in search of a new job, picking lettuce could be just what’s needed! While this might sound like something out of a fairytale, lettuce picking is actually a physical job that requires you to be outdoors all day long. At the beginning of each day you will receive a basket to fill with fresh lettuce before being given water bottle and told which varieties make the cut; more lettuce picked means more money made! Plus you’ll also get to experience what goes on behind-the-scenes as you work alongside others on projects!

Direct employers generally hire their employees directly for employment within their business or subsidiaries and handle all administrative processes and payments on their own.

COFF – Richlands Requirements:

The role will involve working with and around the cooking process, picking and packing prepared salads. One of the issues with making salad is bland lettuce. It’s a problem that needs “dressing” this is where you come in!
What will you be doing?
Picking, packing, and stacking boxes,
Manual handling lifting up to 15 kilos,
Working in a chiller at 3 degrees.

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Salads and Herbs Jobs in Mulgowie QLD:


Harvest Trail Service Providers are contracted by the Australian Government to ensure job offer compliance and recruit jobseekers for harvest work. HTS Providers assist with admin, however the employer they represent will manage hiring and payment.

Job Role Title: Lettuce Picker Job

Hours: Monday – Friday (some Saturdays) 6/7 am starts

Pay Rate: $26.73

Location: Mulgowie, QLD

Job Role: Duties include picking green salad leaves, lettuce, and herbs. Some packing also.


Licence: Must have own transport

Clothing: Casual comfortable clothes, closed in shoes, hat, water bottle, and lunch.

Length of Job: Ongoing work.

Experience: No experience needed but if you do, that is great.

Accommodation: You will need to find your own accommodation.

Extra information: You must either be an Australian citizen/resident or currently hold a VISA with working rights. Does count towards your 88 harvest work days.

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Job Starts 25 Sep 2024

Employment Duration 5 Months

Available Roles 3

Visa Applicability 417 Visa, 462 Visa, 408 Visa

Lettuce Picker Job Additional Information:


Cutting lettuce in the field requires hard work and skillful execution. Workers follow slow-moving conveyor belts while cutting heads of lettuce before they are transported for packaging by workers who work nearby.

Manuel, 62 years old from Mexico and great-grandfather, works at the front side of a machine, bending at his waist to select and cut romaine hearts before tossing them onto an outer conveyor belt. In addition to selecting hearts he also creates boxes using stickers to enclose each head.

Pay Rates

Pay rates for Lettuce Picker Jobs vary based on the fruit or vegetable being picked, the farm where it takes place, and unit or hourly rate-pay structures. Picking cherries can earn significant money per pound harvested while avocados and strawberries only net pennies per pound harvested.

In the past, most work was completed without machines by ground crews working without machines; these workers spent extended periods crouching or kneeling in an uncomfortable posture. Machines have revolutionized how work is performed now: cutter’s on lettuce ground crews still spend long hours bent or kneeling while standing erect while trimming heads for packers sitting on machines to take away.

In the field, packers or cutters will walk and select heads of lettuce according to size and ripeness before cutting with a knife for harvesting. After placing it in boxes or cartons for transport to either tractors or conveyor belts, workers are also responsible for keeping harvesting areas and machinery clean and must label/sticker their boxes according to tracing protocols for Food Safety Protocol compliance – often repetitive work which requires being physically fit enough for such work.

Working Conditions

As much as agricultural technology such as GPS, drones, lasers and sophisticated machinery is revolutionizing American farming practices, getting vegetables from field to table still relies heavily on manual labor. That’s especially true when harvesting lettuce; often this involves crews walking behind slow-moving conveyor belts to select heads for cutting before tossing them over to an assembly line of machines which defoliate, cut, wash and pack the product; one cutter may be responsible for harvesting up to 3,000 heads at the end of a harvest day before packing them into large trucks for shipping across America.

California startup Blue River Technology has developed an automated robotic device called Lettuce Bot to accelerate this process. Using video cameras to identify lettuce plants, this machine uses “thinning” software to “thin out” seedlings that have grown too close together so those that remain can form full hearts more quickly. A typical hectare (roughly two acres) takes 20 minutes for completion;

An individual who works as a lettuce harvester should be ready for exposure to mud, dirt, dust, high winds, rain, heat and cold conditions. They must also be capable of bending or crouching in a bent position for long periods and be capable of lifting 55 pounds frequently.

Visa Requirements


Many international travelers visit Australia fruit farms in order to fulfil the requirements for their visas, particularly second-year working holiday visas which mandate regional work days. Agri Labour Australia applauds this approach which gives backpackers an opportunity to experience Australian summer while earning money, but unfortunately some recruiters may engage in unethical practices.

British media reported in 2022 that seasonal visa holders in the soft fruit harvesting industry were being told to return home within weeks of starting their jobs due to unethical behavior from some recruitment agencies, who allegedly paid workers less than minimum wage rates. The UK government initiated an investigation into these alleged offenses.

Some employers have begun hiring migrants from outside Australia to fill fruit picking positions, with these migrants typically required to fulfill three months of seasonal work to satisfy visa requirements for permanent visa status in Australia. Although this job might suit those wanting to relocate quickly or work outside agriculture, these jobs raise many interesting questions regarding productivity: is Alex more productive at creating Candy Crush than Bernie does picking lettuce?


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