Crop Specialist Prairieland FS, Inc Kirksville, MO

Crop Specialist Prairieland FS, Inc Kirksville, MO

Crop Specialist Prairieland FS, Inc.

Purpose and summary statement:

Take the responsibility of developing customers through effective marketing of the following products and services: crop inputs, such as fertilizers, crop protection pesticides, seed products, service income, technical services, and agricultural financial plans to maximize sales profits.

Crop Specialist Basic Job Functions:

Implement marketing plans and formulate sales strategies to generate profitable sales in designated areas.

When visiting customers and potential customers, use targeted marketing and professional sales techniques, including FS sales interview roadmap, tailoring plan, emphasis on appropriate functions and advantages, and contact management system.

Develop territorial and competitive analysis to maintain an up-to-date understanding of the market and competition.

Provide value-added agronomic products, services, and recommendations for customers and potential customers. Arrange for product delivery and application to customer locations. Hold regular customer meetings on product and technical information.

Provide services to customers through procedures such as soil testing and crop reconnaissance, follow-up customer complaints, and seek reasonable “win-win” solutions.

Ensure the customer’s reputation, quotations, and credit conditions, and prepare sales contracts for the orders obtained. Promote the use of credit plans as a sales tool and help provide the information needed to establish credit.

Other job functions:

Responsible for the maintenance of designated vehicles in accordance with company standards, abide by the unified policy, and maintaining the corresponding professional image.

Ensure that the field logo is displayed on all customer fields to promote FS products

Responsible for completing and updating the personal data information forms of all key customers and target potential customers.

According to the company’s credit policy, the sales fees of all designated products are charged.

Acquire and maintain technical and sales skills that meet certification standards.

Perform all other duties assigned.



Generally, at least an associate’s degree or equivalent in agriculture, marketing or commerce, and 2 years or more of relevant work experience are required to demonstrate knowledge of productive agriculture.

With the ability to obtain and maintain proper driving licenses and satisfactory driving records, these vehicles will need to be operated to perform all duties assigned before employment. Travel independently in the trade zone every day, and occasionally stay overnight.

Must be able to obtain and maintain applicable professional certifications related to the agronomic industry. (Ie CCA, CCS, CPAg, commercial applicator with applicable category)

Ability and willingness to extend working hours during peak seasons.

Occasionally contact or need:

  • Extreme weather conditions (hot, cold, wet, etc.)
  • Noisy conditions
  • Working conditions may include dust, smoke, chemicals, and electrical hazards, and take appropriate safety measures
  • May need to work at different heights
  • Lift 51-75 pounds.


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