Dairy Farm Jobs Melbourne

Dairy Farm Jobs Melbourne

Dairy Farm Jobs Melbourne: We are looking for hardworking and dedicated individuals to join our team as Dairy Farm Workers in Melbourne, Australia. As a Dairy Farm Worker, you will be responsible for the care and management of dairy cattle. You will be required to milk cows, clean barns, feed and water animals maintain equipment and machinery, and perform other related duties as required. This is a full-time position with a competitive salary and benefits.

Dairy Farm Jobs Melbourne Description:


  • Cleaning, sanitizing, and maintaining milking parlor equipment
  • Performing daily milking tasks according to established standards
  • Preparing feed for cows according to established protocols
  • Monitoring the health of animals in the herd
  • Monitoring the production levels of individual cows
  • Identifying sick or injured animals in the herd
  • Administering medication to animals as needed
  • Maintaining accurate records of animal health and production levels
  • Operating farm machinery such as tractors and balers
  • Performing general barn maintenance such as painting, repairs, etc.


If you’re looking for a job on a dairy farm in the Melbourne area, there are a few requirements you must meet. To be considered for such a position, you must have some previous experience working with cattle and other livestock. You should also possess knowledge of basic farm equipment, and be able to communicate effectively with others. Additionally, it is important that applicants have an understanding of animal health and safety protocols in order to ensure the well-being of the animals. With these qualifications, you can make sure that your application stands out from the rest!

Dairy Farm Jobs Melbourne Salary:


Dairy farm workers in Australia have an important role to play in the country’s agricultural sector. They are responsible for caring for and milking cows, performing animal health checks, and managing the overall production of dairy products. With so much responsibility, it’s no surprise that dairy farm workers in Australia are paid a competitive salary. The average salary for a full-time position is between $50,000 and $70,000 per year, with higher wages possible depending on experience and qualifications.

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  1. I am interested to work as a farmer and give my best effort to do the job as helping my family to support them for their need thats all thank u

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