Public Speaking Coach for California Climate and Agriculture Network

Public Speaking Coach for California Climate and Agriculture Network

Agriculture Jobs: Public Speaking Coach for California Climate and Agriculture Network

Company: Volunteer · Associate

Location: Catchafire  Oakland, CA


The California Climate and Agriculture Network (CalCAN) advances agricultural climate solutions through state and federal policies. We seek a broad transition to sustainable and organic agricultural systems that are increasingly resilient, environmentally friendly, and healthy, and provide climate benefits, protect our natural resources, maintain our food security, and contribute to the economy The vibrant agricultural community in Shanghai provides services and maintains our limited agricultural land.

Interesting facts about us
We work with some amazing farmers and ranchers who are the best soil and climate managers I know

What you will do
Personalized feedback and up to 5 tutoring sessions with one member of the organization
Records outlining members’ strengths, weaknesses, and recommended next steps and/or resources


Extra details

I regularly show, promote, or participate in dozens of zoom conference calls every month to 1 to 50 people. Usually I will introduce our policy goals and plans. I want to improve my presentation skills and stop reading slide notes and my guiding skills, especially when the agenda does not go according to plan.

In the coming winter and spring, I will also organize and participate in 10-20 meetings with state legislators to promote sustainable agriculture.


  • Coaching
  • Communications


  • Excellent writing, editing and public speaking skills
  • Experience coaching others to communicate effectively and deliver presentations
  • Experience in media relations


  • Works remotely from anywhere
  • 20-30 hours over 3-5 weeks

Why You’ll Love Volunteering With Us: Public Speaking Coach for California Climate and Agriculture Network

  • Enhance your skills while supporting a cause you care about
  • Gain samples of work & references to add to your portfolio
  • Directly impact a community organization on the ground
  • Work remotely & create your own schedule

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