Rural Spirit Awards open Nominations for 2021

Rural Spirit Awards open Nominations for 2021

The essence of the American Rural is the courage to meet challenges, solve problems, rely on optimism, and instill hope. Through the Rural Spirit Award, marketing and communication agency OBP uses this opportunity to pay tribute to the heroes of rural America every year, which is a particularly valuable thing as the COVID pandemic continues.

It has now accepted nominations for the 4th Annual Country Spirit Award to recognize people who support and improve rural America through community service and economic development. The public can make them on, and the nomination period will end at 11:59 PM. October 11, 2021.

Three winners will be selected from three categories:

  1. The Community Service Award aims to recognize individuals who have demonstrated the rural spirit through outstanding service in the name of community development. Any potential community service award recipient has shown a willingness to selflessly contribute time to support efforts to have a positive impact on the local community.
  2. The Next Generation Award category recognizes individuals from the up-and-coming generation (21 years or younger). Any potential next-generation award winner has demonstrated unusual leadership through community service work or innovative thinking throughout the rural community.
  3. The Country Advocacy Award category recognizes individuals who proudly embody the core of the American countryside. Any potential winner of the Rural Advocacy Award is an integral part of their community-working hard to promote economic development, create jobs, and promote growth.

Rhonda Ries, President of OBP, said: “We believe in the noble pursuit of possibilities and celebrate those who are inspired by the possibility of strengthening and supporting rural communities across the country. This is the whole meaning of the Rural Spirit Award. Where.” “As the pandemic continues to show us that community support is widely needed. The Village Spirit Award provides an opportunity to recognize those who have made changes in this constantly challenging time.”

The winners of the Village Spirit Award will each receive US$2,000 to donate to the non-profit organization of their choice and donate in the name of the winner. All winners will be announced and commended at the awards ceremony on Thursday, October 21, 2021.


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